Devon on Danks, Waterloo

When I saw photos of the #ddspecial at newly opened Devon on Danks making the rounds on Instagram, I knew I had to get there ASAP. Soft serve with hot chips? Um yes. I wasn’t disappointed. The salted caramel soft serve is excellent, the hot chips are super crunchy and I like that the black salt adds a bit of drama.

I also order the Dr Seuss’ Green egg and ham ($19), a beautifully presented plate of thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degree egg, green tomato ketchup, pea puree, soy beans, pea tendrils, and jus. From what I can tell by other photos on Instagram, the crispy potato was meant to be a roesti kind of deal, but I’ve ended up with some hot chips instead. Don’t get me wrong – I love hot chips, but I was expecting something else. Otherwise, this is a great dish with all the right elements: a soft, gooey egg with tasty bacon that’s as thick as a steak, and a deceivingly green ketchup.

Not quite as impressive is the naked bruschetta ($14.50). Again the presentation is spot on, with roasted pumpkin, pea and goat’s curd mousse, sage and konbu crunch, soy beans, pea tendrils, focaccia cubes and a 63 degree egg. But I find the dish a bit forgettable, and the focaccia is on the dry side.

It’s a 30-degree day so I end up ordering a cold drip coffee ($6) instead of my typical soy latte. Today’s single origin is Ethiopia Kochere washed by Reuben Hills. It’s incredibly easy drinking and perfect for a hot, humid day.

Devon on Danks

2 Danks St, Waterloo, NSW
Mon to Fri 8am–4pm, Sat & Sun 8am–3.30pm
Devon Dinners Thu to Sat 6pm–10pm

devon danks ddspecial
The #ddspecial
devon on danks
Green egg and ham, naked bruschetta in the back
devon on dank cold drip
Cold drip coffee
devon cold drip
Cold drip on ice
Naked bruschetta
devon flat white
Flat white
devon green eggs and ham
Green egg and ham
Stay curious

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  1. That’s so weird that they gave you a second pile of chips. We definitely got the roesti/potato croquette thing. The soft serve had a really nice flavour I agree!


    1. Yeah I guess they ran out!


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