Milk Bar Pizza, Redfern

When I need a local pizza fix, my go-to is Milk Bar Pizza in Redfern. The flavors are strange in a good way, and every pizza is only $12, which is excellent value especially considering the quality of ingredients.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Diablo because it tastes so good, but it makes me want to cry. Instead of a white base or tomato sauce, this is spread with volcano sauce (what even is it? I don’t know, but it tastes like fire in my mouth). The pizza is then topped with spicy pepperoni, kimchi, jalapenos, pickled chilli and nduja paste. Have a glass of milk at the ready.

If you’re not into spicy pizzas, go for the cheeseburger pizza instead – think Japanese burger flavors on a pizza. It has a tonkotsu base, Angus beef mince, bacon, beer braised onions, pickles and mayonnaise. There’s a bit of sweetness from the tonkotsu base and the creamy mayo takes it to a whole other level.

I can also vouch for the hot dog pizza, Sunday roast chicken pizza, teriyaki chicken pizza (with dried seaweed on top), and chilli dog pizza. I also like the fact that there’s extra incentive to eat the crust because there are salt flakes sprinkled on the edges. It’s a very good crust for reheating might I add (I’ve done it many times).

At the pizza joint there’s a small counter with a few stools, if you want to eat your pizza right there and then. But most of the time we order it over the phone and pick it up. If sweets are your thing, you can also get a hold of donuts (they’re made at Milk Bar by Cafe Ish around the corner). Note that they’re quite bready, which not everyone will like.

I met Josh, owner of Milk Bar Pizza and Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, a few years ago. I’ve since then been cracking up at his hilarious and often inappropriate comments (in real life and on the interwebz). Check out some of his gems below.

Recently Josh has also introduced milkshakes at Milk Bar Pizza, which is fabulous news because they come from the epic Milk Bar by Cafe Ish shake menu (especially awesome is the miso caramel shake and PB&J shake!)

Update: Milk Bar Pizza has closed 😦

Milk Bar Pizza

152 Redfern St, Redfern, NSW
Sun-Wed 5pm-11pm, Thu-Sat 5pm-11.30pm

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josh jason

pizza donuts
Cheeseburger pizza up the back and three donuts!
milk bar pizza diablo cheeseburger
If you eat in, it’s served like this: cheeseburger pizza on the left and the diablo on the right
five pizzas
Takeaway Milk Bar pizzas at a friend’s house
milk bar pepperoni diablo supreme
Pepperoni on the left, diablo on the right and supreme at the back
Chilli dog pizza
Chilli dog pizza

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  1. chocolatesuze says:

    crust looks great on those pizzas but ooh donuts!


    1. The crust is so good with the extra salt sprinkled on top!


  2. It’s 2am right now and all I can think about it is that cheeseburger pizza!


    1. Heheh it’s goooddd 🙂


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