Donna Hay’s Spaghetti with Cauliflower, Burrata and Thyme

There’s nothing I love more than carbs. Except carbs with cheese. When I first discovered burrata in an entree at Universal (RIP) a while ago, my mind was kind of blown. I’ve loved mozzarella even as a kid in Germany. But seriously – an oozing, creamy interior makes that stuff even better. So whenever I see burrata on any menu, I always want to order it.

When I saw a Donna Hay spaghetti recipe with burrata floating around on Instagram, I knew this was the kind of dinner I’d fall in love with.

Eric made the recipe with Woolworths Select burrata. Granted, the burrata itself wasn’t that great (not oozy enough in the middle). But even then the spaghetti was uber-delicious. The charred cauliflower added texture, and I really loved how the fresh thyme really stood out. And the sauce itself is the embodiment of decadence with pouring cream, bucket-loads of grated parmesan, and egg yolks. The burrata is torn on top in the end, and then semi-melts into stringy deliciousness.

This isn’t for dieters by any means. But if you’re looking to splurge on a delicious, rich pasta (ie. for me that’s all day every day), it’s the one for you.

Get the recipe on the Donna Hay website here.

Separating the egg yolk
egg cheese
Yolk goes into a whole lot of parmesan and is then whisked together
Cauliflower is cut into small pieces
cauliflower pan
Browning cauliflower and thyme in a pan
cauliflower browned
Set aside browned cauliflower
pasta in pan
Cheese mixture + cauliflower + spaghetti in pan
spaghetti pan and bowl
Serving up the spaghetti
burrata onto spaghetti
Burrata about to go onto the spaghetti
burrata torn
Tear the burrata
Shave parmesan as a finishing touch
Shave parmesan as a finishing touch

7 Comments Add yours

  1. thehungrymum says:

    you love carbs and cheese and Donna Hay?! We should meet 😉 This looks sooooo good. Cauli is a fab addition.


    1. We should! It was very good 🙂


  2. Why did I read this at 10.20 pm at night why


    1. Hahahah why do you keep doing this to yourself?


  3. Jacq says:

    omg this looks so amazingly rich and delicious!


  4. whoa so easy and definitely my kinda pasta dish!


    1. So tasty! You should definitely try it out!


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