I’m a German-Indonesian living in Sydney. I write for Weekend Notes and the AU review. I’m a potato enthusiast.  I love traveling, contemporary art, long naps and most of all I love carbs.

I should explain that I’m not against carbs. The word ‘versus’ may suggest to some that I’m against sugar and starch, which is exactly the opposite of where I stand (I Quit Sugar is my idea of hell). The idea of Sarah vs Carbs sprung from my love of carbs, facing carbs every day, and wanting to be challenged by carbs since childhood. A friendly day-to-day match, so to speak.

I was born in Berlin, moved to Jakarta when I was 8, studied dance in Singapore after high school, and then arrived in Sydney in 2006 to study Media & Communications.

I live with my boyfriend Eric who is an incredible cook. This works out perfectly because I hate cooking, but I love eating. All recipes on this blog are his, not mine.

Photos are taken either with an iPhone 6, Canon 1100D, or Panasonic Lumix LX100.

Say hello: sarah.lian.han (at) gmail (dot) com

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